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Welcome to Vince & Pat’s Apiaries we are some of the luckiest folks around; located in the beautiful Roswell Historic District with all the benefits the Greater Metro Atlanta Area has to offer, we are able to have a nice size apiary right in our backyard. Yep that is Vince in the Roswell Apiary along side of a Confederate Rose in full bloom.  

Vince & Pat’s Apiaries offer a full array of Honey Bee related products: Raw Liquid, Chunk & Comb Honey, Beeswax Dinning and Specialty Candles. We have added to our offerings; stained glass art and fused glass jewelry celebrating the honeybees and Queen Bee. 

The Apitherapy Products obviously include Honey as well as Pollen, Propolis and for Bee Venom Therapy (BVT); live Honey Bees with short term storage vessels being available.

Our Apiaries Service provides The Ultimate Gift; Vince & Pat’s Apiaries unique Apiary Installation/Maintenance Service, by UGA Certified Beekeeper, offering affords you the opportunity to make a direct impact on the environment and survival of the Honey Bee by hosting a colony of bees. Our typical service involves delivery and installation of one or more Honey Bee Hives, from our Georgia licensed commercial beekeepers operation, to your property in mid to late April, with follow up visits to your hive(s) approximately every two weeks for inspections/evaluations by myself. To minimize concern over some of the encounters with honeybees (ouch!); we offer a free personalized consultation to owners. Please see the Ultimate Gift tab, or contact us, for further details on hosting a colony. In 2015 we have included some of our glasswork celebrating the Queen Bee; see Stained Glass and Fused Glass tabs.

 Our philosophy is natural beekeeping and to that extent we custom build all of our beehives (woodenware) as some of the components are not commercially available. The boxes themselves; brood chamber(s) and supers are an industry standard and therefore will accept any industry standard type frame(s). Our philosophy being natural beekeeping the frame type we utilize (we have to custom build them) and other practices are based on the research of Francis Huber observations; his discoveries being so revolutionary that beekeeping can be divided in two eras very easily as pre-Huber and post-Huber. We utilize foundationless frames this allows the bees to do what they do naturally; draw comb for their brood & food storage as they see fit as opposed to trying to force them to build unnaturally larger cells. We do not reuse the honeycomb as toxicity levels will tend to accumulate over time due to manmade pollutants the bees may come into contact with while foraging for nectar. The honeycomb’s wax from each season’s honey harvest is not wasted it is utilized. If the wax it is not used in Comb or Chunk Honey Products it will be used to make non-imposing soothing candles, soap or lip balm (once one uses lip balm made from beeswax ones' chap-stick will surely be discarded). 

One of our apiaries is located in the beautiful Roswell, Georgia Historic District yielding Wild Flower Honey. We have an out-yard in Milton Georgia on an estate hosted by a retired doctor. We also service hives and other out-yards throughout the Greater Metro Atlanta Area.

Our bees are locally produced and/or acquired via local bee clubs and/or from the Free Swarms Collection Service, see Swarm Collection Tab, provided by Vince & Pat's Apiaries.

Our definition of local produced here in Georgia at Vince & Pat’s Apiaries; rough cut lumber is acquired from Georgia based saw-mills. All our beehive components are built by me here in my woodworking shop located in Roswell Georgia USA with 50% of the wood used for the honey comb frames being reclaimed from construction site waste. All of our Apiaries are located here in Georgia. This year we will hopefully be launching our own Local Queen Rearing program so we might replenish our colonies with Georgia Grown Queen Bees more acclimated to our area.

We are active members of the Cherokee Beekeepers Club (Vince; serving as Secretary), Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association ; providing public education and presentations. Please contact the organizations referenced below if you or your group is interested in learning more about Honey Bees. Click on the organization of interest below for their respective contact information etc.


 Feel free to contact us at, 770 547-8191

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